COSELVA-AGRÍCOLA I SECCIÓ DE CRÈDIT DE LA SELVA DEL CAMP, SCCL was founded on October 24, 1900, and currently has 2,500 members,of which 1,100 are growers(producers) and 1,400 are collaborators.
Today, it is a reference in the field of agricultural cooperativism, looking towards the future which looks to the future with the application of the most advanced technologies and puts the quality of its products and the service in front of everything.
Our main activity is the production, transformation, and commercialization of the products obtained from the lands or farms of our members.
We define our political strategy in three areas: food quality and safety, social responsibility and respect for the environment.
Our brands are: COSELVA for nuts, Antara and "1904" for the oil.
Our social organs are:
• L'Assemblea General constituted by the members of COSELVA.
• El Consell Rector made up of: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 other members.

An Ordinary General Assembly is held annually and the necessary extraordinary ones to discuss and decide on any matter related to the cooperative that has not been expressly assigned to another social organ.












  • Founding La Selva del Camp agricultural cooperative.
  • 1st Historical document of the group for the joint purchase of fertilizers and distribution of credit from the Bank of Spain.
  • 1st Oil mill and wine press in the main street.
  • Seizure of the union by Franco's government.
  • Construction of the winery in the new facilities in Puig i Ferreter avenue.
  • Opening the credit section, savings accounts and loans.

Beginning of the purchase of hazelnuts from members for their subsequent sale in shell in Reus square.

  • Relocation of the supplies department to Puig i Ferreter Avenue.
  • Relocation of the offices to the ground floor on Carrer Major.
  • Beginning of the stage towards the industrialisation of the cooperative.
  • Recognition obtained as the 1st OPFH for nuts in Spain.
  • Relocation of the oil mill to the facilities on Puig i Ferreter Avenue.
  • Beginning of the export of dried fruits and nuts all over the world.
  • Celebration of the centenary of the founding of the cooperative.
  • Opening the new dried fruit and nuts centre on Avinguda Fraternitat 2.
  • Extension of the Avinguda Fraternitat centre in order to obtain maximum health and industrial guarantees.
  • Absorption of the members of the Aleixar cooperative.
  • Start of construction of the new Almazara oil mill located on the Mas del Victor experimental estate.
  • Merger by absorption of the Castellvell cooperative.
  • Opening the new Antara oil mill located on the Mas del Victor property.