The Coselva ADV aims to always be a reference for farmers in terms of plant health and field-level advice.

From advice on pests and diseases (including farm visits, recommendations and planning of treatments, and phytosanitary warnings) to the development of fertilization plans (both organic and mineral), our intention is to provide farmers with a good service above all else. Following this line, we also offer the service of technicians in integrated production, thus being able to certify your production with this quality and good practice label.

In order to adapt to the new times ahead, the Coselva ADV collaborates with other ADVs in the area, with the Institute of Agricultural Research and Technology, and with the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of Catalonia (formerly the Department of Agriculture) in order to carry out trials and thus be able to respond to future pest and disease problems.

Beyond this, we also offer services related to procedures with the Catalan Water Agency (ACA), renewal of phytosanitary cards, registration of machinery in the Official Register of Agricultural Machinery (ROMA), among others.

Finally, we also offer the service of presenting Annual Nitrogen Declarations (DANs) and collaborate in the preparation of DUNs.