Coselva members have the following advantages and services at their disposal


- Reception of the dried fruit harvest.
- Cleaning of nuts.
- Management of operational funds

The payment of settlements for nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and locust beans) is on an annual basis (12 monthly payments).


- Reception of the olive harvest.

In March, we carry out the final settlement of the olives that the members have brought.


You can ask:
- Savings account
- Term accounts
- Personal loans
- Credits
- Current credit accounts
- Campaign advances
- Special line for the purchase of farms


- Insurance policies for: vehicles, home, life, health.
- Preparation of direct debit orders.
- Preparation of income tax returns.
- CEPSA fuel cards.
- Declaration of DUN crops.
- Request for subsidies (basic payment scheme, green payment scheme, nut crop subsidy, shell or carob subsidy, integrated production subsidy, organic production subsidy, mountain crops subsidy, suckler cow subsidy, fattening bovine subsidy, subsidies for protein crops, alternative chemical control in vineyards subsidy, vineyard restructuring and conversion subsidy).


- Irrigation facilities and waterproofing services, for ponds, swimming pools, and covers installation.
- Installation and repair services for irrigation systems.


- Herbicides.
- Phytosanitary products: Insecticides and fungicides.
- Fertilizers and deficiency correctors
- Hardware and tools for the field.
- Pet food and accessories.
- Sale of agricultural machinery: hazelnut harvesters, fertiliser trailers, etc.
- Sale of small agricultural machinery: brush cutters, chainsaws, electric shears, sprayers, etc.
- Rental of agricultural machinery: harvesters, wood collection machinery.
- Gardening accessories.
- Sale of trees such as: sweet fruit trees, carob trees, olive trees, flowers and plants.
- Different varieties of hazelnut stems.
- Seed potatoes, seeds and rice (by reservation in November).
- Sale of pellets for heating.
- Cleaning and household products.
- B and C diesel fuel delivery service.
- Sale of products related to the countryside: tools, fertilisers, fodder, clothing, footwear...
- Mobile ITV (MOT) for tractors and agricultural machinery (once a year).
- Management of ITEAF (Pressure Equipment Inspection).


- Advisory service to improve the performance of your farm.
- Notifications of applications of phytosanitary products.
- Preparation of the Annual Nitrogen Declaration (DAN).
- Information on obtaining the phytosanitary products handler card.

Farm shop "AGROBOTIGA".

In our farm shop "Agrobotiga" you can find all the products from our brands Coselva, Antara, 1904 DE CASTELLVELL and other local products for family consumption.

- Gift baskets (Christmas, celebrations, weddings, baptisms, communions).
- Cosmetics (softeners, gels, soaps, shampoos).
- Groceries (olives, vinegars).
- Wine cellar (local and locally sourced wines).


- Experimental farm.
- Training courses for members.
- Agricultural services.
- Nursery: Sale of hazelnut tree scions.


- Everything for the health of your pets.
- Nutrition and preventive medicine consultations.
- Diagnosis and clinical analysis.
- Home visits.