Olive oil

Among the awards we could highlight

The Best Arbequina Olive Oil.  Our oil was awarded "The Best Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil" by the Ministry of Agriculture for the 1998/99 and 2003/2004 season, and La Médaille d'Argent "Premier Salon Professionel International des Huiles Alimentaires (Paris 2003)". This is an important region of all our first class work- from the painstaking work in the olives (always of the arbequina variety) which are still a little unripe, to the milling and commercialisation of the product.

One of the secrets of our Antara olive oil is that the olives harvested on flat fields are mixed with olives which are picked in the mountains. Hende its special flavour in our final product.


The characteristeics of ANTARA olive oil are the same as those of Siurana's Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). It has a fruity fresh olives flavour while its bitter, piquant and sweet attributes are balanced and harmonious. However, its main flavour corresponds to ripe almonds and fruits. Its aroma is slightly reminiscent of an almond tree.

Arbequina olive trees are cultivated in areas traditionally known as Antara (a Greek word which gives this oil its name) together which is the main tree variety grown in the area. This gives the area a peculiar and characteristic landscape.


Production: In accordance with tradition, our production process involves cold extraction of the oil from olives which are picked manually just a few hours earlier.