All our products, raw materials as well as manufactured products are labelled by Coselva, a top range brande. After different selection processes in the origin point, nuts artisans give their final approval to the product.

Once we receive them, the good work done makes quality become an undeniable fact.


Our raw material

Our partners' production is the basis of Coselva's raw substance.



Coselva stores all nuts in their shells, and so, in their natural protection right until it is time to use them.




Wood passed his turn to iron and mechanics passed theirs to electronics. Coselva follows this natural evolution in a pioneering way and we facused on technology in order to optimize quality.


Electronic and hand selection

We count on the latest electronic selection systems, but the last step in the process is always done by our employees who give the final approval in the production process.



Shelling process

It is a different process from the traditional breaking one.



Quality within the process

All processes in Coselva are registered and certified by ISO 9001:2008.



Roasted process

The roasted process is made in a special oven which heats our product by using hot air and allows us to obtain a homogeneous product which satisfies our customers.



Products Handling in our warehouse.

The finished product is packed and stored in refrigerated areas.



Point of sale

Coselva delivers the finished product to our customers' warehouse following their specifications. 





A sample of products manufactured by Coselva